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Each bath and groom includes: brush and de-mat full coat before bath with hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners. Nail trim. Clean ears. Pluck hair from inside ears if requested. Shave pads of feet. Trim hair around sanitary area and rear. Expression of anal glands when necessary. Air dry by hand. Comb-out full coat.

Haircuts, as requested, showcase exquisite hand scissoring and clipper work, as well as hand- stripping of specific breeds to achieve ultimate cuteness and style.

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Grooming Prices

Our services

*Rates may change depending on dog

  • Drop-in Services (no appointment needed)
    • Nail clips
      • $20 - small dogs
      • $25-$30 - large dogs. 
    • Ear Cleaning; or anal gland expression: $20

Full-Service Grooming

​Prices are not dependent on breed or size; rather on the length of time required to complete a full-service grooming. 

Bath only prices begin from $70 and up.
Haircuts (which include a bath) - typically start from $130 and up.

Additional de-matting charges will be applied based on any significant time spent brushing mats and tangles.

Please call us - or visit us - for a price consultation and estimate